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We develop strategies, products, and solutions to evolve and transform the Sports Industry at a high speed. We study the market to anticipate trends and needs, we position ourselves as a reference on the centralization of Sports digital experience.
7EGEND obsession for user experience and sophisticated engineering architecture guarantees the speed and scale without compromising business strategies.

Digital Transformers

Our expertises

Strategy & Data

We help our clients to design, plan and implement the best digital and business transformation strategies, always with an eye towards innovation, market leadership, new business models, monetization of solutions and new revenues. Through data we extract the most relevant inputs, in order to help business to make the best possible decisions.

Experience Design & Innovation

7EGEND unique sports innovation mindset, is recognized by our clients as an innovative approach, focused on creating new products and solutions, to achieve the best possible experiences across all touchpoints, guaranteeing an important, engaging and satisfiyng connection between fans and clubs, exceeding everyones expectations.


Our multidisciplinar engineering team comes from different backgrounds, with experience working in complex and top performance systems across industries, and is specialized in sports industry. Ready to operate at speed and scale, it is the team responsible for the development of 7EGEND´s suite of products for football clubs. Always with this in mind: simpler, faster, better, stronger.

SPORTs & Fan lab

We develop a unique sports innovation hub to create new products, ideas and experiences for a complex global football business. Unlike other research centres and incubators, we are dedicated to the advancement of true sport innovation with our network of global advisers leaders committed to our goals.

More than clients, great partners

Featured Partners

Working in digital since 2006, we delivered customer-centric and business value oriented projects
for some of the biggest brands in the world.

We believe it takes the best people to develop amazing products and to drive business change, so we gathered a team of creatives, UI/UX designers, business experts, engineers and proud geeks, that are eager to transform the sports industry.

With offices in Porto and Lisbon, we are looking for the best talents to join our team.

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