The beautiful game, next level

Technology, innovation, design and engineering at sports service, by 7egend.

A community, connected by the love of the game.

We integrated an entire digital system connected with a dedicated Cloud, receiving each player results, in each challenge, and sending it back to the APP and website, where users can find boards, see their position and overall best results. A truly gamy experience.

With in-house development of new concepts and experiences at our own 7egend LAB, we designed and developed exclusive boards and sensors, for all the challenges within the FOOTLAB experience. A true masterpiece of engineering at sports service, for kids and grown ups.

Technology engineering & developing, prototyping & production

The game,
within the game.

All the Footlab venues are connect and users can follow the global rankings, chat or challenge athletes and teams, all connected by the passion for football, all in one app. You can also get info on each challenge or schedule your activity at Footlab through the app.

Football unify people.

With strategic chosen locations to guarantee a global expansion, Footlab together with 7egend share the common goal to bring the same opportunities in life to every child worldwide.

“A child who does not play is not a child”, Pablo Neruda.