The future of football is live

Technology, Innovation, Engineering, Customer Experience and Design at sports service

7egend assumed several responsibilities in FOOTLAB.

All the technology that brings FOOTLAB to life, all the software and hardware, was developed by our Engineering & R&D teams.

Also, the entire customer experience, branding concept and the digital ecosystem for the community, with touchpoints such as mobile apps and the website, was created by 7egend.

It is the Football
of the Future

Every activity has a layer of technology providing the most advanced control, monitoring and evaluation systems of the key skills of a football player, technique, speed, precision and reaction.

This sports analysis applies both to playful or professional activities, thanks to the implementation of patented software and hardware, developed exclusively by 7egend for FOOTLAB.

  • Technique

  • Speed

  • Power

  • Precision

  • Challenge

  • Street Soccer

  • Footvolley

  • Football Field

Democratization of access to sports technology

A truly worldwide-unique football platform, to democratize the access to the community to top football technology and experiences, creating a fun, positive and learning environment for everyone, no matter the skill level of the person.

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“FOOTLAB is the world´s first, most advanced and engaging Performance and Entertainment Football Park”  

Rui Costa SL Benfica Board Member, Former Player SL Benfica, Fiorentina, AC Milan, Portugal National Team

A common goal: A FOOTLAB in every corner of the world, accessible to everyone.

Already in Europe and Middle East, the expansion of FOOTLAB already began and the objective is to be present in every continent. The robust and scalable technology, the digital ecosystem to nurture and engage the community, and the strong brand identity and customer experience, is a reflex of 7egend´s work and dedication to this project.

Football unifies people

With strategic chosen locations to guarantee a global expansion,
Footlab together with 7egend share the common goal to bring the same opportunities in life to every child worldwide.

“A child who does not play is not a child”, Pablo Neruda.