Turn online shopping in a unique customer experience

Support the National Team through a unique shopping experience

Concerting anonymous profiles into passionate fans! Portuguese people are passionate about football, specially when it comes to the National Team.
Portugal Store arises to convert anonymous profiles into loyal fans. With a beautiful layout and a unique user experience, Portugal Store allows fans to support the national team and receive exclusive opportunities.


Portugal Store
in your pocket

Fully mobile responsive, Portugal Store brings fans closer to FPF and allows them to buy products anywhere.

The partnership started with 7egend brought a new life to FPF Digital and an unprecedented approach to our fans scattered around the world, a fact that moves us and fills us with pride.
The Portugal Store brought dynamism and innovation to the brand, fact that had strong contribution of the entire 7egend team.
Since the project Go Live, we are experiencing a growing rate of visits, registered users and online sales.  We can say that together we have developed a digital platform that is already a reference!

Tiago Costa Application Manager and IT Division at Federação Portuguesa de Futebol