Building up the Foundations

Bringing a centenary club to a new digital era.


For the celebration of its centenary, in 2019, Valencia CF had the desire of entering in a new era, a digital era, with a startup mindset, transforming the way it interacts with fans, improving the customer journey and the full fan experience, bring them close to the club, where the new portal is a key piece. On top of that, the goal was to become the benchmark among all LaLiga clubs and the football industry.

7egend Approach

Content is key, and the vehicles to deliver that content is also very important. As experts in digital transformation, our goal was to push the boundaries of what’s been done before, focused on building an entire and integrated ecosystem of multiple digital touchpoints, designed to be relevant to the fan. On our conception, this project needed to be much more than a website, and much more than a pretty homepage. We wanted to build a well-structured portal, where users could find, anything related with their club. So, we delivered this web portal, that makes part of unique and innovative 7egend’s unique and innovative SPORTS DXP (digital experience platform). 7egend´s DXP is composed by several proprietary applications, fully integrated with social feeds and other third party apps, combining functionality and technical scalability. 7´s DXP is developed exclusively for today´s sports business reality, needs and fan engagement.

With this approach, we created an unique website, that is at the same time functional, interactive, innovative and designed with the UX in mind, with focus on experience, data and conversion. Unique among the football clubs, the new website allow fans to watch contents and relevant info of the club, watch livestreamed tv shows produced by VCF Media House and at the same time buy tickets and merchandise without leaving the website.

With this new website, Valencia has now a foundation for the new digital era.

Content, Content, Content.
Design, Interaction,

Valencia CF homepage

Follow the day-to-day VCF news and match calendar, listen to VCF radio, watch exclusive livestreams shows or buy the official VCF products. Anytime and anywhere, only for true ‘aficionados’.

  • Single Sign-on

  • Multimedia content

  • Fan area

  • Livestream

  • E-commerce

  • Radio

With a demanding audience as it is the nowadays online users, our approach - developing a digital ecosystem, with highly relevant content, and fan tribe building - allowed Valencia CF to quickly modernize their platforms and fan touch-points, improve relationship with fans, get to know them and provide them a better and more customized and relevant experience, taking a leap in digitalization of the business in a fast, consistent and secure way. It had a direct impact in the business, increasing revenue, improving efficiency and enriching data.

With relevant content, cross-platform structure, smart data, full experience, social updates, promoting a closer contact to the team and event information, seamlessly integrated, from the moment you decide to enter the portal, up until match day, and up to the moment you decide to do some shopping from the club you’re passioned about, Valencia CF has now an overall experience that makes both fan and club satisfied. With this project we’ve built the foundations for today’s and future needs of Valencia CF.

Thank you for your attention judges.